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Birdwell Muzzles are designed to prevent nipping and biting for most large breed dogs. Check out our shop page and choose the right dog muzzle for your dog today!

Learn More About How to Get the Perfect Fit

Make sure your dog gets the perfect fit with your new dog muzzle. We walk you through step by step how to put your new dog muzzle on your dog for the best results. We also explain how you can fit your new Birdwell Dog Muzzle to your dog and maintain that fit without adjusting each time you use it. The Birdwell Dog Muzzle is easy and convenient to use!

Save The Day & Your Furniture

Birdwell Enterprises’ dog muzzles are designed to prevent nipping, biting, and nuisance chewing. Everyone knows some dogs just never quit chewing on things they aren’t supposed to. The Birdwell Dog Muzzle can help prevent your furniture from being used as a chew toy. Learn more about how our basket muzzle for dogs can help save your furniture and biting and nipping.

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Customer Reviews : Birdwell Dog Muzzle

Biteproof Dog Muzzle
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It's a great muzzle, is bite-proof, has plenty of room to pant, and has nice colors. Giving treats is also possible with this dog muzzle. Overall we love the dog muzzle, and it works well for our needs.
Great Dog muzzle!
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Perfect fit for our 50lb female Australian cattle dog. She is a bite risk/reactive, and I feel confident walking through the neighborhood with this muzzle. It's durable.
Greyhound Approved Dog Muzzle
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Fits my greyhound & galgo perfectly. Provides protection so they can't bite the wild rabbits in our yard but allows them comfort, and it stays on as their heads are smaller than most dogs while having a long snout.
Dog Muzzle: Size Runs Big!
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I have two dogs. An Australian Shepherd and a Blue Heeler mix. One is 48 lbs, and the other is 40 lbs. The medium size says it fits dogs who are 35lbs-55lbs. I put them on my dogs, and it's a tad big for my Australian Shepherd, but it's doable. My blue Blue Heeler/Jack Russell mix the thing is huuuuuge on her. She's 40 lbs, and it just overwhelms her face. She can wear it, but it looks goofy. I usually get the same size of stuff for them, and this is the first time it hasn't worked out. Just be aware that if your dog is under 50 lbs, the medium might be too big. Otherwise, it's a good product, and my escape artist Aussie hasn't figured out how to get it off yet.
Great Dog Muzzle
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Love the color and fit! My girl can be dog reactive if approached suddenly. She wears a muzzle to protect her and any other dogs that may come up. I want this muzzle for when we go on long horse trail rides, and she pants a lot. Our other muzzle was a different brand and just did not provide enough space. This one definitely does!! The color is fun and bright! The fit is incredible and was easy to size. Overall a great product for a great price.
Dog Muzzle Does the job, had it for months now
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My dog tends to get nervous when encountering other people, so I bought this muzzle for some piece of mind. Now when I walk her, people can clearly see she has a muzzle, and even though she still barks, they can also feel more at ease. I feel more comfortable walking her with the muzzle because I know that even if she starts barking, there is no way she can bite others. It is very easy to put on. I have had it for a couple of months now with no complaints. I'm glad I got this muzzle because I love the color. It is very easy for people to see that she is wearing it. I used to own a muzzle that went around her snout, but it was hard for her to breathe, and she couldn't pant. This one is perfect for her.
Dog Muzzle: Lots of compliments! The bright color helps with the stigma of muzzles.
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I hate having to put a muzzle on my pup, but it's the only thing that keeps her from eating random objects on our walks. People automatically assume dogs are aggressive when muzzled, so having a bright pink color really helps fight the stigma. We often get positive responses, and little kids love her pink "mask." It's wide enough that she can pant, but pay attention to the chart when selecting a size so it fits their snout properly.
Great Dog Muzzle for price, would recommend.
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I bought both the Large and the "Medium." The Large fits my large fuzzy Male greyhound very well! (I don't remember his weight, but he's a big boy) The "Medium" fits my skinny tall female greyhound even though she is 69lbs. I only use these for rowdy off-leash zoomies in our backyard.
Very Sturdy Dog Muzzle
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I really like this muzzle. It has good airflow, is very durable, and is the correct length. I wish there was a little give in width, though. Our pup has grown just enough that if I could stretch the side width just a smidgin, it would fit perfectly. I contacted the company and they said I could put the muzzle in hot water and make it wider to fit better.