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Adjusting for the Most Comfortable Dog Muzzle

Birdwell Enterprises makes the best and most comfortable dog muzzle you can buy. This article is intended to show you how to achieve the perfect fit for your dog. With the right fit, you will get the most comfortable dog muzzle for your dog.

Comfortable Dog Muzzle Instructions

When adjusting for a comfortable dog muzzle, it is best to first learn about the muzzle itself. The more you know about your new muzzle, the easier it is to make sure it is a comfortable dog muzzle for your pet. When looking at your Birdwell Dog Muzzle, the top of the muzzle will be the part that has a smooth surface with an adjustable plastic nosepiece.

Comfortable Dog Muzzle Fitting For Your Dog By Birdwell Muzzles

Step by Step for the Most Comfortable Dog Muzzle Fitting

  1. Make sure your new dog muzzle is upside right, and unbuckle the strap.
  2. Place the muzzle over your dog’s snout, making sure the adjustable nosepiece is sitting comfortably on your dog’s snout. Also, make sure the bottom chin strap is sitting nicely under your dog’s chin.
  3. Put the strap around your dog’s neck and adjust the strap until the dog muzzle feels securely attached to your dog’s head. 
  4. After you are finished adjusting the muzzle on your dog, you can remove the muzzle without needing to readjust the strap each time. 

Custom Comfortable Dog Muzzle Fitting

If you need a more comfortable dog muzzle for your fit due to the width of the dog muzzle, please note that your dog muzzle can be reshaped easily. Simply place the muzzle into hot water for a few seconds, then remove it. After removing, safely press on the dog muzzle, and it will reshape to your liking. Afterward, put the dog muzzle in cool water to set the shape. You will then have a very comfortable dog muzzle for your dog.

Comfortable Dog Muzzle for Long Snout Dogs (Doberman)

Some dogs have very long snouts, and because of this, they will require a special dog muzzle from Birdwell Enterprises. If you own a Doberman and would like to purchase a Birdwell Enterprises Dog Muzzle for your dog, please see our shop page and choose the “Long Snout” option. We will send you a special-sized dog muzzle specially made for long-snout dogs.

Questions About a Comfortable Dog Muzzle Fitting

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about how to get the most comfortable dog muzzle fitting for your dog, feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to provide the information you need. We read each and every message that is sent to us, and we will respond directly to your questions or concerns. If you feel more comfortable calling us, we have options for you to call us directly as well.